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I am the author of 'Defending Conservatism' (2016) available at Barnes&Noble, Amazon (in both Full-Color and Black & White), and my website I also run a Bible apologetics website at dedicated to providing evidence for the Bible and debunking alleged contradictions in it. I am a former moderator at and have also edited at Creationwiki, Sourcewatch, Citizendium, and OpenCongress (now

I am in the final year of my B.S. in political science at Northern Illinois University and received my A.A.S. in Business Management from Waubonsee Community College. I previously transferred from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2016 after making the dean's list.

I am a Born-Again Christian (saved August 5, 1998), and although I prefer to be defined simply as a Christian, if I must be labeled, then I am a Fundamental Independent Nondenominational Baptist who believes firmly in Baptist Successionism.