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Joshua David Zambrano, 2019.

I am the author of Defending Conservatism (2016) and the founder of both and You are free to quote site material per Fair Use Guidelines.


Joshua David Zambrano is a native of Montgomery, Illinois, and the author of "Defending Conservatism" (2016). Joshua graduated from Waubonsee Community College with an A.A.S. in Business Administration and is in the final year of his B.S. in Political Science at Northern Illinois University after transferring from the University of Nebraska at Omaha after making the Dean's List in Spring 2016.[1] He previously worked for the U.S. Census Bureau from 2004-10 and has also worked in the private sector as a proofreader, sales auditor, and call center representative. Joshua is working on his second book, "Defending the Authenticity of the Bible," which will be released by the end of 2019.

Joshua Zambrano has published research papers since January 2009 that include reforms now championed by both sides of the aisle, including a return of U.S. troops to guard the borders, trade restrictions on low minimum wage countries such as China, judicial term limits, an insurance-less healthcare system to reduce the Budget, and a return to public works programs.[2] Other solutions such as tax breaks for companies that hire more U.S. workers to combat automation and trust-busting to break up large corporations to protect market competition and small business have been formally presented in research papers since 2010.[3] Although controversial at the time, they have been adopted in recent years by prominent figures and organizations on both sides of the aisle.

Past Wiki Contributions

Many of the top-ranked pages across Conservapedia (which I was formerly a Moderator for) and Creationwiki depend heavily on contributions I made including pages on Abortion, Obama, Obamacare, Epicurus' Trilemma, William Penn, etc.[4] Many Wikipedia pages are also dependent upon my contributions.[5] I have authored numerous pages for both Citizendium and SourceWatch as well, along with content for GovTrack (previously OpenCongress when I edited).[6] Much of that content has now been merged into and and enlarged upon, although there are still many pages I've written (particularly from Wikipedia) which I have yet to integrate.


For my family tree, see My father served in Vietnam, both of my grandfathers in World War II (John Robert Talbot and Jesus Garcia Zambrano), and I would have served too if not for an entrance technicality. My ASVAB scores are here.


I know a little French from high school courses as well as some Greek and Hebrew. Jzyehoshua is my initials JZ followed by the Hebrew word for Joshua, "Yehoshua." Also, I love Old English.


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